Frequently Asked Questions

What is GreenPopArt?

GreenPops are original mixed-media artworks drawn by printed on a precious, eco sustainable and – above all – 100% recycled paper.

What format do GreenPop Have?

The art print is 29,7 x 42 cm (A3 size). You will receive the image with a white cardboard passe-partout perfect for inserting and enhancing the artwork inside, for example, a frame.

What material are GreenPops made of?

The main support is a 200gr. 100% recycled hand-crafted paper. This paper has a natural vintage finish thanks to the visible fibers in relief, and the light brown color adds an unique retro look to the whole print, while preserving vivid colors and clear images. The removable passe-partout is instead made of 350 gr. Chlorine free white cardboard from responsible forests.

Why are GreenPop works so special?

Each image is made in a unique style of its kind, entirely the result of the author’s creativity (you won’t find them anywhere else!). The edition is limited: only 25 prints will be made of each subject, signed, numbered and embossed with a seal of authenticity.

What certifications do the GreenPopArt project have?

Paper and cardboards used in our entire production are FSC 100% and FSC 100% Recycled certified. This means that they come from controlled forests and responsible sources. This is a key point for us, because the promoting non-profit organization ensures that, throughout the paper production chain, not only the enviroment but also the working, economic and social conditions of the territories involved are safeguarded ( Stamping inks and glues, on the other hand, are certified vegan and water-based: not only they have not been tested on animals but they do not contain any animal derivatives.

How will my artwork be packed?

We will not use unnecessary plastic when packing orders. Being a valuable work, the print will be placed inside a special protective transparent polypropilene envelope, reusable and recyclable. The sturdy shipping carton will be 100% recyclable, while the adhesives required for delivery will have no animal based glues.

What’s our pact with the Planet?

Paper often has a very short life cycle, and even after recycling it goes back to being “simple” paper and then ends up in landfills. This is why we wanted to reject the concept of simple “recycling” and focusing on “improved recycling”: our works effectively make recycled paper immortal, giving it new life and an inestimable value: the value of art.

FSC Logo - Our Pop-Art Artworks are printed on 100% FSC Recycled paper
Vegan Logo - All our Pop-Art Artworks have vegan stamp inks and non animal glues
Recycle Symbol - All our Pop-Art uses recyclable cardboard and plastic envelopes