Eco Friendly & Sustainable Pop-Art

We love nature and we know how fragile and precious it is, that’s why we decided to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Greenpop is our never-before-seen idea of art: original handmade artworks drawn and printed on eco-friendly and sustainable paper. Not recycled but upcycled! We give paper already in circulation a whole new and even highier value, making it unique.

If you’re here it’s because you’re trying to do something positive for the Planet (we already love you for that!) and we know that Greenpop is the gift you were looking for, for yourself or for those you love.

It’s not just a simple fine art print! Greenpop works are born digitally to become limited editions, as unique as you. The vintage finish of our ecological paper is perfect for any decor: from the small flat to the most glamorous office wall.

We decided to minimize the plastic in our packaging and use only certified vegan glues and stamp ink, in order to surround you with art and creativity while saving water and energy.

Every action we take has an impact on the enviroment: we want to believe that art can be a small, big change for a greener world… one poster at a time!

  Greenpopart Founders

Internal Cardboard:
FSC 100% Recycled Cardboard.
Cover Cardboard
FSC 100% from Well Managed Forests.

Logo Stamp Inks:
100% Water Based
Not derived from Animal Ingredients.
Not Animal Tested.

Package & Envelope:
100% Recyclable Cardboard.
100% Recyclable PP5 Polypropilene.