Art can be a small, big change for a greener world.

GreenPop is our idea of art: original handmade artworks drawn and printed on 100% recycled paper.

GreenPop è la nostra idea di arte: opere originali disegnate a mano e stampate su carta 100% riciclata.

Why this Art is so special?

Each artwork has a unique style and is printed in a limited edition: only 25 copies, signed by the author, numbered and embossed with our logo as a seal of authenticity.

Ogni immagine ha uno stile unico ed è in tiratura limitata: solo 25 copie, firmate dall’autore, numerate e timbrate a secco con il nostro logo, come sigillo di autenticità.

FSC Logo - Our Pop-Art Artworks are printed on 100% FSC Recycled paper
Vegan Logo - All our Pop-Art Artworks have vegan stamp inks and non animal glues
Recycle Symbol - All our Pop-Art uses recyclable cardboard and plastic envelopes

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